We make things understandable.

Precision Wordage Inc is a full-service technical documentation and writing resource.

We can help with your manuals, user guides, quick setup instructions, white papers, data sheets, training materials, online help, Flash and PowerPoint presentations, and marketing materials.

We can work to your corporate style (design, templates, writing style) or develop your style and standards package for you. If you’re a new company, we can even help you with brand development.

We take only outsourced projects, which means we’re accustomed to getting up to speed quickly and dealing with tight deadlines.

Most of our work comes from repeat business and referrals. We like long-term client relationships, and work hard to cultivate them by routinely delivering quality work within budget and on schedule.

Why outsource your technical writing needs?

Over the decades, we’ve discovered that we can help our clients keep costs down with our outsourced delivery. You pay only for the work delivered; no overhead, no vacation pay, no long-term commitment, bonus packages or health insurance. When the job’s done, the costs stop–until the next job is needed–so you don’t pay for downtime.

Our clients are spread across the country, and across a number of industries, ranging from consumer electronics to seriously geeky high-tech stuff. Today, with all the virtual resources available, we rarely meet our clients face-to-face. Phone, email, ftp transfer; we do our homework with as little interruption to you routine as possible. If a live meeting is vital to getting the job right, we’re always willing to hop in the car–or on a plane–and take that meeting.

About the founder

Su_Falcon_forweb2Precision Wordage was founded in 1985 by Su Falcon. Su started writing professionally in 1977, and specializing in technical communications and documentation in the early eighties.

Su’s team is carefully handpicked for their smarts, talent and versatility. Collectively, the team has about a zillion years of experience.

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