Things you might want to know

Do you know my industry?

Our team has experience across scores of different industries. But even if your product or service is new for us, it’s not a problem. Sometimes it can even be an advantage, as we bring a fresh viewpoint.

What our writers do know is how to research, organize and write, so subject matter doesn’t matter.

I already have a manual, but it isn’t clearly written.

Precision Wordage can edit your manual, format it, and make it work for your audience.

We know we need a manual, but don’t know where to start.

We can step you through the entire procedure, from start to finish.

Do you bid jobs at a fixed rate or hourly?

Both. Our hourly rates are competitive, and in some situations, we are willing to flat-bid jobs.

Are your clients only large corporations, or do you also work with smaller companies?

Our client list crosses the spectrum from Fortune 500 to small start-ups. We like to work.

What if I need illustrations?

We have top quality designers and technical illustrators on our team.

Do you handle translations?

We can set up a job for multiple languages. We work with a top translation company, and usually do the layout for multiple languages as well. You can work directly with the translator, or we will manage the translations project for you for a small burden rate.

Do we need to provide a workstation for you onsite?

No. We only take outsource projects. You save on employee overhead. Our clients are all over the country. We have clients we’ve never met face to face, and likely never will. If you’re looking for an in-house writer, visit

We have a manual and want to update it, but the template is a mess and nobody here knows how to use it.

We can clean up your templates. Even better, we can document how to use your templates so they don’t get messed up again.

What would it cost for you to write a manual for us?

Request a bid and we’ll let you know. We bid jobs in the most cost-effective way.

How long would it take to get a manual?

We work with you on your schedule needs. Request a bid and we’ll get back to you. We’re not afraid of deadlines.

What do you need to write a manual for us?

Request a bid and we’ll answer that question.